Beta - Scandinavian Journal of Business Research provides an excellent outlet for research and scholarship on management and businessrelated themes and topics, including general management, human resource management, organizational behaviour, leadership and organization development, accounting and finance, business ethics, strategic management, marketing, business economics, and public sector management.

The editors give priority to original articles that contain results with theoretical and practical relevance as well as review articles, book reviews, research notes and summaries of research reports.

All research articles that are considered relevant for publication in the journal are reviewed by at least two anonymous academic referees with no ties to the author. In addition, the article is reviewed by the journal’s editorial board and the final decision regarding publication of the article is made by the Editor-in-Chief. The journal practices "double blind" peer review, whereby both reviewers and the author remain anonymous to each other.

The journal is authorized as a publication channel on level 1 in NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data (for Norway and Sweden), and in the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s Authorization list for serials (Denmark).

Editor-in-Chief: Bjarne Espedal, professor emeritus, NHH Norwegian School of Economics

  • 2019

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        lockedRedaktørskifte i Beta: Scandinavian Journal of Business Research

        • Bjarne Espedal
        s. 135 - 135Lesetid ca. 1 minutt
      • lockedReflections on PhDs – before, during and after education

        • Olov Olson
        • Kjell Grønhaug
        s. 136 - 149Lesetid ca. 21 minutter
      • lockedSamarbeid, medvirkning og innovasjon – en studie av ytre press og lokal omstilling hos REC ScanWafer Herøya

        • Arne Lindseth Bygdås
        • Eivind Falkum
        s. 150 - 165Lesetid ca. 35 minutter
      • lockedLegacy removal as a core dynamic capability for incumbent MNCs facing disruptive change

        • Frank Elter
        • Paul Gooderham
        • Àngels Dasi
        • Torben Pedersen
        s. 166 - 177Lesetid ca. 20 minutter
      • lockedWhat does Integrated Reporting mean for the value-relevance of environmental, social, and governmental performance?

        • Hugo Lebriez
        • Martin Esch
        • Andreas Wald
        • Rafael Heinzelmann
        s. 178 - 194Lesetid ca. 30 minutter
      • lockedEstimating Contingent Convertible credit spreads in the Norwegian Bond Market using an option pricing approach

        • Petter Eilif de Lange
        • Kim Andre Ha Stiberg
        • Per Egil Aamo
        s. 195 - 214Lesetid ca. 30 minutter
      • lockedIn the pursuit of understanding how to develop organizational capability to create consistency between day-to-day practices and changing demands

        • Bjarne Espedal
        s. 215 - 228Lesetid ca. 30 minutter
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